• CES outing for Audi self-parking car

    by  • January 10, 2013 • Motoring News, Technology

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    2013 CES Audi self-parking car

    The Audi connect self-parking technology allows the car to not only park itself, but also to find the space itself and to pick you up afterwards

    Do you find the the task of searching for a parking space in a busy car park stressful? Yes? Well good news Рthere’s now an app for that.

    Audi unveiled technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that not only drives the car, but also finds a parking space, parks the car and picks you up afterwards – all using an iPhone app.

    The app communicates with the car via secure Wi-Fi and the car travels using sensors on the vehicle communicating with sensors on the road.

    Audi envisages this will initially work in special pedestrian free zones, but it is also working on technology to allow it to be used in normal car parks.

    However, while all of the technology is currently available, sensors will need to be installed in the car parks.

    Senior engineer with Audi, Annie Lien said it hopes the system, running under the Audi Connect banner, will be mainstream within 10 years.

    Audi also announced that it had obtained a licence to test autonomous cars in Nevada.

    Watch Audi’s Annie Lien explaining how the system works to Dan Haley from Laptop Magazine.