• SsangYong puts manners on Rexton W

    by  • October 1, 2014 • Car Reviews, Test Drives

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    2014 SsangYong Rexton W exterior front right static

    The SsangYong Rexton W is an imposing looking SUV

    If you ever had designs on being a member of the Secret Service (well, driving one of their cars anyway), then the SsangYong Rexton W is for you.

    With its blacked out rear windows, high and imposing structure, the Rexton W is an attractive, American-looking SUV and really cuts a dash.

    Inside, the cabin is spacious with a touch of luxury.

    There’s a sophisticated looking centre console, with metal and chrome trim and leather effect upholstery.

    From a distance the wood effect panelling on the doors and centre console looks well, but up close it doesn’t really work.

    I was driving the five seat ‘Business Edition’, which has a huge boot. This boot space is compromised, however, if you prioritise seating over cargo in the seven-seat ‘Limited Edition’.

    2014 SsangYong Rexton W interior cockpit

    The cabin in the SsangYong Rexton W is well laid out and comfortable

    Legroom in the five-seater is good both back and front. The seats are also comfortable, with the test car having heated seats in both the front and outer rear – the middle rear passenger has no such luxury.

    There’s room for three in the back, but two adults would be more comfortable, with a pull down armrest to give them their own space.

    There’s an absolute plethora of cup holders in this car – three in the front- but no apparent space to put your mobile phone or a car park ticket, for instance. I found the coin tray handy though.

    I also liked the curved out bottle holders in the front door bins, however, I was a little bit perplexed with the door bins in the rear doors, which are little bigger than a letterbox slot.

    Bottle holders in the rear pop out between the front seats and pop back in again when not in use.

    I really liked the driving position in this car, which is high and commanding. You actually have to climb up into the seat, with the help of an exterior ‘side step’. I would also have liked an overhead handle to help haul yourself up.

    Infotainment is provided via radio/CD/USB and Bluetooth phone and music streaming. I found the unit easy to use and it was easy to pair my phone.

    Both the USB, at the bottom of the centre console, and the two 12Volts – one on the passenger side of the centre console, the other close to the USB port were well placed.

    While it’s a lovely looking unit, the audio quality could have been better. I found it sounded flat.

    2014 SsangYong Rexton W interior boot

    The boot in the five-seat SsangYong Rexton W Business Edition is huge

    The test car also had cruise control, which, again, was easy to use. And I also liked the retro door lock knobs.

    Our route in this car took us on city, motorway and winding country roads.

    While the steering was a bit mushy, I enjoyed driving the Rexton W, especially in the city, where it towered over other motors.

    The test car was a 2.0litre 155ps automatic and I was impressed with the gearbox, which was seamless.

    It can also be switched from full automatic to manual, but I didn’t find any reason to do so.

    The three drive modes are two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive High for wet or slippery conditions and four-wheel drive Low for maximum traction.

    This car is very big, but sensors front and back made it easier to park.

    I was also impressed with the soundproofing on the motorway, which was very good.

    While it’s an SUV that’s more likely to be seen at work on a farm than sitting in an urban driveway, I liked the SsangYong Rexton W. It’s not a bad price, considering its spec and 4WD capabilities. However, bear in mind road tax, which is a very pricey €1,200 for the passenger vehicle (but a more affordable €333 for commercial and utility versions).

    The SsangYong Rexton W is available now, with prices starting from €34,320 for the two seat manual Commercial. Prices for the five-seat Business Edition (commercial utility) start from €38,329 for the manual and €41,377 for the automatic test car. Prices for the seven-seat Limited Edition passenger model start from €44,474 for the manual and €48,185 for the automatic.

    All variants come with a five year warranty.

    Tech Spec
    Engine: D20DTR 155PS diesel
    Maximum Speed: 175kph
    CO2 emissions: 206g/km
    Combined fuel economy: 7.8l/100km
    Annual road tax: €333/€1,200

    Visit the SsangYong Ireland website or its Facebook page for further details.