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    For some people cars are an obsession and they like to know every minute detail of what goes on under the bonnet, for others, they’re simply a stylish and economical way to get from A to B.

    atTheLights.com (ATL) is for the latter group of people – most especially for younger urban drivers.

    From first cars, to fancy ‘present to myself because I’ve just been promoted cars’, to family cars, to work cars – we aim to give you our opinion on the good, the bad and the lovely. As well as that there’s the latest motoring news, technology updates and whatever quirkies we can find.

    ATL is edited by Joanne Ahern, Jim Deere is our Social Media strategist and the technical magic on the site has been conjured up by Niall O’Hara.

    Remember, our reviews are opinion, not advice, so if you see a car you like do take it for a test drive.