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    Ford takes to the road for new tech tests

    by  • August 7, 2012 • Motoring News, Technology

    2012 Ford S-Max exterior right side

    Ford Europe has begun real world testing on European roads of the latest car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication technologies. Twenty specially-equipped S-Max models have been added to a fleet of 120 vehicles, which will test the innovations over thousands of kilometers around Frankfurt in Germany. The research is part of the four-year Safe Intelligent Mobility...

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    BMW launches new remote control app

    by  • August 2, 2012 • Motoring News, Technology

    2012 BMW 7 Series exterior - left front

    If you’ve ever wandered around a large car park desperately trying to remember where you parked your vehicle then BMW has just the thing for you. The My BMW Remote app is now available for Android smartphones and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app allows BMW drivers to carry out...

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    Inflatable seat belt plan for Mercedes-Benz

    by  • July 24, 2012 • Motoring News, Technology

    2009 Mercedes-Benz inflatable seat belts

    Mercedes-Benz has announced plans to install inflatable seat belts in a luxury-class model. The Beltbag was originally mooted in the ESF 2009 Experimental Safety Vehicle, and is aimed at reducing injury to rear seat passengers in the event of a head-on collision. It does this by reducing the strain on the ribcage. It is...

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    Self-cleaning cars by 2020

    by  • July 23, 2012 • Technology

    2020 self-cleaning car

    If washing your car is a chore or minor scratches on your car’s paintwork really annoy you, then a group of Dutch scientists have some good news for you. A team working on this issue at the Eindhoven University of Technology have developed a new coating which they believe will lead to self-cleaning cars,...

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    Electric Volkswagen is Fully Charged

    by  • July 4, 2012 • Motoring News, Technology

    2012 Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-Motion exterior charging

    Irish drivers will next week get a peek at what Volkswagen has in store in the electric vehicle market as the Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-Motion makes its Irish debut at the Fully Charged 2012 International Electric Vehicle Summit. Members of the public will get a chance to test drive a Golf Blue-e-Motion and to interact...

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    TomTom makes commuting easier with free map updates

    by  • June 28, 2012 • Motoring News, Technology

    2012 TomTom GO LIVE

    Diversions, road closures and speed limit changes will never be a problem for TomTom users again as the company has now enabled all of its 60 million portable navigation devices to receive free daily map changes via the TomTom Map Share community. The service, which was previously only available on a small number of...

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    Ford’s Traffic Jam Assist brings driverless cars a step closer

    by  • June 26, 2012 • Motoring News, Technology

    2012 Ford Traffic Jam Assist - driver viewpoint

    Ford is working to join the dots on its current advanced driver assistance features to produce a car that can drive itself in slow moving motorway traffic. Traffic Jam Assist, which builds on existing features such as Active Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Aid, will also cut the time drivers spend...

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    Inflatable seatbelts to debut in Mondeo

    by  • June 22, 2012 • Motoring News, Technology

    2012 Ford Inflatable Seatbelt

    Ford’s inflatable rear seatbelt, which combines an airbag with a conventional seatbelt, will make its European debut in the new Mondeo. The inflatable seatbelt is designed to reduce head, neck and chest injuries for rear-seat passengers. In an accident, the belt rapidly expands across a body area five times greater than that achieved by...

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